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  • 28 Jun, 2024
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  1. Objectives:
  • Nurture the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing to enable students to meet the Cambridge English B1 standards so that students can use English skills in work, study, and travel.
  • The B1 level is suitable for intermediate learners, helping them build a strong vocabulary base to enhance their skills and apply their knowledge in various contexts. At this level, learners will focus on everyday communication situations in both personal and professional settings.
  • The curriculum is designed to accommodate a diverse range of learners, including students, university students, and working professionals.
  1. Curriculum
  • Reading skills:

Students will be guided in reading and comprehending lengthy and informative texts, including announcements, articles, magazines, and real-world scenarios.

Incorporating PET Reading test formats to help students familiarize themselves with the different task types and develop effective test-taking strategies to achieve high scores.

  • Writing skills:

Providing students specific guidance on writing letters, articles, or stories with clear structures and appropriate lengths.

Students will be guided in selecting the appropriate writing style for their target audience through various PET Writing test formats.

  • Speaking skills:

Empowering students to use the English language flexibly and effectively when discussing everyday topics. Enabling them to organize their thoughts, interact, and express their opinions in a clear and understandable manner during speaking.
Supporting students to practice various types of speaking tasks following the exact structure of the PET Speaking test.

  • Listening skills:

Providing students with effective test-taking strategies to comprehend lengthy spoken passages with complex vocabulary and structures, enabling them to accurately extract information and achieve high scores.

Students will practice various types of listening tasks following the exact structure of the PET Listening test.


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