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  • 28 Jun, 2024
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KET (Key English Test)

  1. Objectives:

This course enables learners to use English for communication in simple situations. It serves as a follow-up program to ‘Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE)’ and is also a good starting point for older children to begin learning English.

Solidifying the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing to enable learners to achieve the A2 level of Cambridge English international standard.

The curriculum is designed to cater to a diverse range of learners, including students, university students, and working professionals.

  1. Curriculum:

Reading skills:

  • Guiding Students in Reading Comprehension of Written English Information: Signs, leaflet, notes, magazines.
  • Guiding learners in understanding and grasping key points and specific information from English passages of moderate length.
  • Incorporate various question formats from the KET (A2 KEY) Reading test to familiarize students with each type of question and effective test-taking strategies, enabling them to achieve high scores.
  • The curriculum is tailored to suit a wide range of learners, including students, undergraduates, and working professionals.

Writing skills:

  • Equip learners with the understanding and ability to apply basic sentence structures, phrases, and expressions for composing brief letters, practicing email writing, and crafting everyday messages.
  • Guiding learners to describe past events using the writing task format found in the KET (A2 KEY) exam, ensuring a clear, accurate, and appropriately lengthy structure.

Speaking skills:

  • Learners are equipped to introduce themselves and respond to basic questions about themselves, enabling them to engage in fundamental conversations with native speakers.
  • Enable learners to engage in conversations by asking and answering simple questions, as well as expressing personal opinions on familiar topics and areas.
  • Learners are provided with practice in various question formats aligned with the structure of the Speaking test in KET (A2 KEY).


Listening skills:

  • Equip learners with the ability to comprehend and grasp the main ideas and specific details of short conversations.
  • Learners can comprehend spoken information delivered at a moderate pace.
  • Learners are equipped with effective test-taking strategies and practice opportunities for various question formats that align with the structure of the Listening test in KET (A2 KEY).








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