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  • 24 Jun, 2024
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– Equip English learners with vocabulary from general to academic levels.

– Empower learners to utilize English effectively and independently for the purpose of living, learning, and working in English-speaking countries, as well as pursuing academic programs involving English-language instruction through diverse contexts ranging from societal issues to in-depth scholarly research.

– The curriculum is tailored to cater to a diverse range of learners, encompassing high school students aspiring to pursue higher education at international universities or institutions with English-language instruction, undergraduates seeking to fulfill their dreams of studying or settling abroad, and working professionals aiming to secure employment in multinational corporations.


Reading skill:

– Guide learners in comprehending lengthy and challenging academic texts related to various aspects of life, economics, socio-politics, specialized articles, and intricate professional instructions.

– Provide learners with the necessary vocabulary and complex grammatical structures to grasp the content of the texts, and offer effective test-taking strategies to enable them to select the most accurate answers.

Writing skill:

– Instruct learners on interpreting charts, diagrams, and maps, and guide them in extracting key points to accurately describe data in written form.

– Equip learners with the skills to express personal opinions or analyze social issues through well-structured, accurate, and appropriately lengthy essays.

– Guide learners in selecting the appropriate writing style aligned with academic conventions.

Speaking skill:

– Empower learners to utilize language flexibly and effectively when discussing topics ranging from everyday conversations to in-depth specialized areas. Guide them in organizing and articulating their thoughts and perspectives clearly and accurately during spoken communication.

– Provide learners with instruction on incorporating advanced vocabulary, grammar structures, and idioms into their spoken English.

– Offer learners practice in various speaking test formats aligned with the IELTS Speaking Test structure.

Listening skill:

– Equip learners with strategies to comprehend lengthy spoken passages with complex structures and ambiguous relationships between speakers. Enable them to grasp speeches, instructions, or discussions among speakers.

– Provide learners with practice in various listening test formats aligned with the IELTS Listening Test structure.


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