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Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
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Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
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  • 24 Jun, 2024
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  1. Targets:.

– Designed for children who can write, have a good range of vocabulary.

– Get acquainted with the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and using English on familiar subjects and so students can reach Cambridge Starters English level.

– Build a solid foundation in the international standard English learning process.

– Ensure that students are trained to use English in classrooms and in everyday communication, understand basic English content on the Internet, read books, listen to music and movies in English.

  1. Teaching content.
  • Reading – Writing Skills:

– Guided reading short sentences, short passages related to familiar topics such as animals, places, occupations, etc.

– A combination of Starters Reading and Writing skills tests to help students learn how to work for each type and strategies to learn effectively, achieving high results.

– Equipped with vocabulary, rewriting exercises, sentences, True or False exercises, use of time and place adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, pronouns,… and accurate test-taking skills, correct number of words, and Starters level English test skills.

  • Speaking Skills:

– Help students use language flexibly and effectively when talking about familiar everyday topics related to school, family, food, colors, etc. Helps students organize ideas and present them accurately, clearly when speaking.

– Students are trained in various formats according to the structure of the Speaking Examination of the Starters level.

  • Listening skills:

– Provide test-taking strategies to help learners understand the content of speeches with short, easy-to-understand sentence structures through keywords.

– Students are trained in various types of listening tests according to the Starters listening test.



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