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  • 28 Jun, 2024
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  1. Objectives:
    Reinforce the five skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Using of English to help learners achieve the Cambridge English B2 level.

Prepare learners to confidently navigate life and work in English-speaking nations and engage with English-language academia by providing comprehensive English language training that encompasses a wide range of contexts, from societal issues to academic discourse.

The curriculum is designed to cater to a wide range of learners, including students, undergraduates, and working professionals.

  1. Curriculum:

Reading skills:

Equip students with the skills to decipher complex and lengthy texts, ranging from literary pieces and practical situations to specialized articles and intricate technical guidelines.

Incorporate FCE Reading test formats to familiarize learners with the task requirements and effective test-taking strategies for each question type, leading to improved performance.

Writing skills:

Help students to express personal opinions through well-structured, accurate, and appropriately lengthy written pieces. Compose letters, essays, or reports on a wide range of topics.

Guide students to select the appropriate writing style for the intended audience through the various writing tasks included in the FCE exam.

Speaking skills:

Equip learners with the ability to use language fluently and efficiently when conversing on a wide spectrum of subjects, from mundane to in-depth. Structure and express thoughts and opinions accurately and distinctly in oral interactions.

Through exposure to the diverse task types in the FCE Speaking exam, learners gain hands-on experience in practicing for the test in its authentic format

Listening skills:

Empower learners with listening test-taking strategies to tackle lengthy spoken segments, even in the presence of intricate structures and ambiguous speaker relationships. Enable them to grasp TV shows and movies without excessive effort.




Use of English:

Provide learners with a thorough grounding in grammar, spanning from basic to advanced concepts, aligned with the B2 proficiency level. This includes collocations, tenses, phrasal verbs, and various other grammatical features.

Learners are provided with practice opportunities for the various task formats found in the FCE Use of English test, adhering strictly to the actual exam structure.


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