Active Learning at ESI

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  • 27 Jun, 2024
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Active Learning at ESI

Many of us often desire to pursue learning English and have made efforts towards that goal, but have not achieved the desired results. This is often due to various reasons that prevent you from committing to a structured English language program. Therefore, the Active Learning (AL) at ESI – a flexible learning model brings a new solution to help you overcome difficulties in both time management and learning methods, swiftly guiding learners towards their goals.

The Active Learning at ESI has the advantages of flexible class hours, providing students with the opportunity for One on One, Face to face learning sessions with 100% native-speaking teachers who are enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced in preparing for international certification exams.

It features flexible scheduling that allows students to arrange their study times based on their own schedules, unlike traditional courses with fixed schedules.

Students in Active Learning classes are encouraged to cultivate a spirit of self-learning and exchange assignments with the teacher throughout the learning process. Teachers provide attentive guidance and correct mistakes, fostering a comfortable and dynamic learning atmosphere, even during the most challenging grammar lessons.

Active Learning ESI’s curriculum is designed based on advanced, modern textbooks that adhere to international standards, tailored to each student’s proficiency level. The learning materials and references at Active Learning ESI are rich and diverse, promptly meeting students’ study and research needs.

English pronunciation and communication practice: Native English teachers will actively guide and help students familiarize themselves with listening and speaking English, learn native communication styles, and correct pronunciation to sound as natural as native speakers from the very first lessons.

Flexible Scheduling: Unlike traditional courses with fixed schedules, Active Learning ESI allows students to customize their learning plans based on their own schedules. Students are encouraged to take initiative in their learning and engage in discussions with their teachers throughout the course.

Personalized Learning: Dedicated teachers provide personalized guidance and feedback, correcting even the smallest mistakes. They foster a lively and engaging learning environment, even during challenging grammar lessons.

Another standout feature that makes Active Learning ESI outstanding is that students will receive personalized instruction tailored to their own proficiency level, enabling them to enhance all four language skills and achieve high results in international English certification exams or in their professional endeavors.

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By fully adhering to Active Learning ESI’s guidelines, students can be assured of achieving their expected learning outcomes and desired results.


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